Submission & Registration – IEEE CPE-POWERENG 10-12 April,2018 Doha/Qatar

The following guidelines are for authors of accepted manuscripts:  

  • Submit the final version of your manuscript

The corresponding author must submit the final version of the manuscript before the submission deadline, 5th March 2018. The CPE-POWERENG 2018 online submission system is located here.

All manuscripts should be written in English. The page limit is six (6) A4 pages, two (2) additional pages can be added, at an extra charge of $160 per page. A maximum of eight (8) pages is permitted, anything beyond will be rejected.

The final version of your manuscript must not be significantly different from the accepted version. CPE-POWERENG conference committee will be using CrossCheck automated screening system to verify the originality of papers. Papers that violate IEEE’s publication policy and guidelines may be rejected, even if they have been accepted in the review process. Disciplinary action may also be taken by IEEE if the violation is deemed severe.

The final version of all manuscripts must be in PDF format. IEEE maintains strict formatting standards for all manuscripts published in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library. Authors must use the IEEE PDFeXpress® site located here to convert manuscript files to the required format. Please use the conference ID 42841X to create a user account for accessing the IEEE PDF eXpress system.

  • Complete the online IEEE copyright form

The corresponding author must complete and sign the online IEEE Copyright Form on behalf of all authors. This form can only be completed electronically, printed versions are not permitted. Manuscripts without a completed copyright form will not be accepted for publication. The online IEEE Copyright Form is accessible from the CPE-POWERENG 2018 online submission system, located here.

  • Register for the conference

At least one author of each accepted paper must register at full fee before 5th March 2018. Papers without at least one registered author will not be presented and published. Reduced registration fees (i.e. student registration) are not considered full fee, such manuscripts will not be accepted for presentation and publication.

Each full fee registration is permitted to present/publish up to two (2) manuscripts. Authors of manuscripts in excess of six (6) pages are required to pay an extra page fee at registration. At most two (2) additional pages are allowed. Information on all fees can be found on the registration page.

  • Oral or poster presentation

Authors who prefer poster format are kindly requested to notify their preference by email to [email protected] before 5th March 2018. Clearly state your preference for poster format, paper ID, paper title, session title and presenting author name. Author preferences will be taken into account, however, the final decision on presentation format (oral or poster) and the session will be made by the Committee.

  • Present your work at the conference

Each manuscript must be presented by an author. Instructions on how to prepare for an oral or poster presentation can be found here. Please check the conference schedule for potential conflicts of the time, if you are presenting more than one paper. If you are unable to make alternative arrangements to address such conflicts, kindly email the [email protected].

Manuscripts that are not presented at the conference will be noted as no-show and not published in the IEEE Xplore®Digital Library. The registration fee will not be refunded. Please note, no-show papers are still copyrighted by the IEEE and cannot be re-published without explicit permission from the IEEE.

Please email [email protected] if you have any other questions/concerns.